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elizabeth ashley.(b. 1994). South Carolina.

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Therefore: not to cry over oneself. (But does one ever do this? Does one ever do anything but this? That is the question that quivers in every tear, deploration or imploration itself.)

One should not develop a taste for mourning, and yet mourn we must.

We must, but we must not like it—mourning, that is, mourning itself, if such a thing exists: not to like or love through one’s own tear but only through the other, and every tear is from the other, the friend, the living, as long as we ourselves are living, reminding us, in holding life, to hold on to it.

The Taste of Tears, Derrida


"I object to all the deaths that happened because of communist revolutions. Drone strikes, on the other hand,"

What work of Lenin should I read other than State and Revolution.



you should check out the works on this basic study plan. they don’t include anything by Lenin in the philosophy section so I’ll just suggest Marxism & Empirio-Criticism for that purpose. 

this is a must read

seapunk is a CIA front

total refusal pure disgust throw up on everything ever

self-inflicting my pain and therein lies the real shame

i’ve grown to love the pain

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I spoke too soon about the sleep thing. I’m going to have to start exercising to combat my chronic insomnia until sept 8th when my ambien script is filled. luckily, I did get my Xanax today. and let me tell you, there is nothing better than smoking a cigarette while waiting for Xanax to kick in.

dont manshame my male polish and masculin3 yoghurt, im just trying to have a good mantime

What will be the legacy you leave behind?


full communism

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wish i was a friendly 20yo doing an internship with a bunch of hot 20-something’s and we were friends and chatted and went to the bathroom together