remembering the memes of my youth


on my porch

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important to remember in these trying times

important to remember in these trying times

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generation y (✿◠‿◠)

let’s cast off our crude prisons of flesh and blood and soul-mate in one of the outer planes



Perhaps you love the pain because its the only thing real.

death of the author im dead i died its impossible for you to ask me questions because i live in a grave having died being dead


looking at my posts pre-2014

that fool teen needs to do some self-criticism post haste

blogging is difficult

this is my shame 


wear a long sleeve shirt or something or if they point out just keep it real with them. you arent the only person that has gone through that.

i just hate even the idea of having to cover them, hiding a huge part of me. it’s not like a tattoo, a design you purposefully chose to put on your body. it just screams, “i have a problem, and i might not be stable enough for this position.”


no ones going to hire me with the blatant and very noticeable amount of self harm scars on my arms so why even bother putting myself through the embarrassment

American Radass (This Is Important)

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Pretty Good

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"Steady nights of sleeping oh how I miss those"

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Sorority Noise | Blonde Hair, Black Lungs

i’m so scared of dying alone 
that i’ll kill myself right here, right now

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hell hell hell 

my blog looks perfect