i have so many stories
i want to share with you;

so many thoughts
waiting to erupt from my mind.

and yet,
i am so exhausted.
 from what? nothing.

i just want to lay here,
and pretend like i lived life today.

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i sent nudes on 9/11

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my boyfriend doing my eyeliner

my boyfriend doing my eyeliner

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American Football

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American Football // The Summer Ends

I’m thinking about leaving and how I should say goodbye. With a handshake, or an embrace, or a kiss on the cheek, or possibly all three. Well maybe I’ve been wrong. Maybe my intentions are irrelevant. But honestly, it’s not just for me. We’ve both been so unhappy so let’s just see what happens when the summer ends.

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The Front Bottoms

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The Front Bottoms | Looking Like You Just Woke Up

it probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide

prepare for an aching the rest your life

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jet ski selfie

jet ski selfie

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good morning

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love you

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sovietcafe here

sovietcafe here

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i’m on my way to my dad’s lake house to see my family and i just want to stamp “please do not ask my questions about my life or future” on my forehead

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i started a new antipsychotic last night (saphris) and its making me feel so overwhelmingly agitated and mean. i feel bad for everyone around me right now. even the little clicking the iPhone keyboard makes is making me want to crush my phone then rip all my fucking skin off. my heart is beating so fast. oh god why

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my mom just pulled a bar of Xanax from her purse, handed it to me, and told me to shut up

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...Was a Real Boy

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