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elizabeth ashley.(b. 1994). South Carolina.

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don’t touch me

thank you everyone for the ello invites!

i’ll post mine later

favorite sweater

favorite sweater

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best shorts

best shorts

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after going on 4 days without sleep I finally slept (thanks to 8mgs of kpins) and tbh I started tearing up when i woke up becausei was so thankful for sleep

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benzo blogging is at it’s prime rn

-haven’t slept in 3 days

-vision blurry, everything is too bright

-so sleep deprived i forgot directions to drug store a block from my house today and had to turn around to drive back home

-ambien’s not helping anymore

-sincerely beginning a silent hatred of every person with the ability to sleep normally

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all i think about is how i’m going to wake up one day and be 40 years old

I went shopping

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I really tried my best but I feel like I sounded so goddamn stupid. and the guy who was interviewing me kept this poker face the whole time and said he’s interviewing 6 other people. I was i hyperventilating the entire way there and just kept reminding myself over and over “you can’t die from a panic attack.” my chest was so tight and the more I freaked out the worse and more inept about myself I felt. I feel so shitty. what if I really am the sort of person who gets denied a job at fucking starbucks? this isn’t even a big deal, I’m just SO TERRIBLE with putting myself out there. I realize I can’t rely on xanax forever and I have to muster up some confidence somehow but my anxiety is just staggering. i can’t believe i’m 20 and have the social ineptitude of a fucking autistic child.

ambien is a blessing